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Picture of the Day

Fishing in Ukraine. No photos of my fish, because Oleg has them, but he promises to send them over so you can believe that I caught fish too.

Edited by Paul

Oleg with a white Instructor's Hot Torpedo.


Two four wheel drives and a car that pretends to be one.

Russians, a Ukrainian and an Englishman. None of these men are actually called Shatov by the way. Shatov is in fact a character in a Dostoyevsky novel who killed himself after blanking. "Ten fish, nine fish, eight fish, seven fish, six fish, five fish, four trouts, three fish, two fish... fuck where was I? One fish, NO FISH!!" BANG.

Oleg into a trouts.

Lovely fish, caught on the first cast of showing me his sunk-tip streamer technique.

This technique you can see here.

Oleg fishing a wall. Now this is a bit of Sexyloops History for you, so it may only be half true, but the Tsar - or King - of Austria-Hungary, built a railway line, or if not a railway line, then a Prince's Fisherman's Access track up the side of this river, back in the days when Hungary was much larger. Don't say you never learn nothing here.

And Prince Oleg catches a trout.

I didn't say it was big.

Oleg also catches the first shoe.

We test cast the Hot Torpedo 8 prototype.

I thought this would be a cool shot. Every once in a while I'm struck by an artistic lightning moment. I call it Two Men and many rods.

I tie my streamers upside-down so I can see them.

Day 3, we've dropped into a gorge.

Shatov on Strike.

"Spider Man" Techniques.

We find this incredible pool that has one fish, and Shatov missed it.

I'm pleased to say I caught the second shoe!

Some spectacular water. It reminded me a bit of New Zealand actually. Apart from the trees.

A tremendous shoot, without fish.

Fuck, I'm starting to get Mike Eyebrows.

Fish on! (We almost started here, but instead decided to fish three hours without a fish to get to this point).

Fish still on!

Not the biggest fish, and admittedly not a particularly flattering photo of my friend, by I think the sock on his head has contorted his face - certainly he looked a little bit better before the gorge.

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