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Scottish Fish and Latohegy Vines

From Salmon Fishing in (what felt like) Scottish Winter, to early Summer in Hungary.

Edited by Paul

This fish was absolutely nailed on Scott MacKenzie's 15ft 10weight.

Latohegy and 180 vines down the hill.

This is one of them - Sexyloops Furmint wine in three years!

As you can see, even the walnut tree is now fully clothed, and it's looking like a bumper year for walnuts!

The secret entrance to Latohegy. This is an old vine which has grown wild.

Hard to see house now that winter is over. Which is how I like it!

These posts will eventually become the structure for the vines.

Ultimately I'll either put a pond, an orchard, more vines or another house here!

This field will be grassed for Summer Shootouts. Later on there will be a floodlit casting pond here.

These cabins will be finished this year for guests (they're not mine, but attached to a neighbouring wine cellar).

Autumn and Spring supplies of wood. I'm going to have to get very busy in the Fall, because it's actually quite a small supply!

The Walnut tree gives relief from the hot summers which are common in this part of the world. The hottest I can remember is 42C, but high 30s are regular.

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