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Picture of the Day
Scottish Meet

Photos courtesy of Marc and Mike Barrio (and a couple from my phone!)

Edited by Paul

It's all about to happen...


erm, Marc took this photo (it's a good one)

Stoats borrows Rich's rocket launcher

So let's see, Mike has got the joke, Will has noticed an aeroplane, Ben is contemplating the Universe, Ian is looking for Tracy, Lee is just being Lee, Mike has stopped talking for five seconds, Rich and Al are discussing Rich's waders, Janko is saying it's too warm in Scotland and he would rather be in the North Pole and Tamas is throwing up.

Mike Barrio and Rich Knoles

Homeboy, Mike Heritage

Rich gives a flying lesson

Mike discusses flight times

Lee explains that everyone should wear their seatbelts

Rich reminds everyone to "wet the line please, dear"

Our organiser and all-round great dude, Ben Dixon, utilising Universal Chakra Energies and Heineken

The Meet. THANKS GUYS and Tracy! Can't wait for the next one! (Click on this last photo for full size!)

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