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Laplanding - 4

Now I don't know these guys and have never met them before in my life, I mean they seem like nice enough guys, and although, admittedly, Vegard wears fishnet stockings and in spite of the fact that I am about to spend five days with him, alone, and in the middle of nowhere... okay hang on, let me begin again: Vegard invites me over to fish Lapland, which is North Norway, or at least the bit we're fishing, it's in the Artic circle, I arrive, it's one a.m. and I can still see daylight, Johan kindly agrees to drive us into the back of beyond on his quad bike, there's only room for two on the quad bike, I get the "luxury" position, being the International guest and all, of sitting on the trailer on a bed of reindeer skins. You got it so far?

OK, let the ride commence...

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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