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Picture of the Day
Laplanding - 15

CG, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"
*general mirth and merriment"
SPS, "Paul, I think someone has to tell you that you should never ever wear a baseball cap in public"
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"
P, "It's the APGAI cap"
D, "Well it makes you look like a dick. Someone had to tell you"
P, "That's what you think, some people quite like it actually"
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"
P, "Look, lots of people wear baseball caps, even some intelligent people"
G, "Name one"
P, "Jimmy Alkonsas"
D, "You just made that up!"
P, "No I didn't"
G, "Which Jimmy Alkonsas? The one from Boston?"
P, "Erm, no, Jimmy Alkonsas from France, good friend of mine, very intelligent dude, often wears baseball caps, always surrounded by beautiful women, catches all the big fish"
A, "Paul, there is no Jimmy Alkansas in France or anywhere else, you're just making it up to support your argument"
P, "Have you been reading the Board?"

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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