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Laplanding - 14

CG, "OK stand back now, we're taking over this series"
P, "You haven't even been to Lapland"
SPS, "We don't care Paul, in fact we don't even care about Lapland"
A, "Yeah, we're Mugwai Hunters, remember?"
CG, "Yeah and we don't care about 'Paul and Vegard go Laplanding together', we want action, this is Sexyloops, and we're it, we're not porn stars but MUGWAI HUNTERS, stand back now and take cover..."
D, "Guy, Guy, not JUST porn stars but ALSO Mugwai Hunters, remember?"
CG, "Oh yeah, that's right not JUST porn stars but ALSO Mugwai Hunters, personally I've always been a pervert..."
P, "You can't take over this series, Jim doesn't even know where Lapland is"
J, "Bollocks, I BOTH know where Lapland is AND I'm a pervert"
G, "Actually I think we may be getting away from the issue here, this is a TAKEOVER"
SPS, "About time someone did something useful around here, and it's going to be us... now let's see the *real* Laplanding adventure"
P, "Well, you'll need headnets..."

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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