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The Journey - 13, In the dark

Following yesterday's pod featuring the Competition Royal Wulff here was the correct tying procedure:
[1] Start off by putting a small sack over your head
[2] Panic when you realise that you can't breathe
[3] Replace sack with sleeping bag
[4] The tying begins
[5] Tie in the wings
[6] Take great care when cutting so that you don't stab yourself or cut the thread
[7] Your fly should look like this at stage 7 but you wont know this of course
[8] Deer hair is always a bit messy
[9] It's getting hot now
[10] It's difficult to tell what this is exactly, obviously the photographers fault
[11] The photographer being Deano "Master of the Hedged Bet" and hooker of trains on the backcast
[12] I like plenty of red in my Royal Wulffs, especially if it's from a bottle
[13] Carefully select the correct hackle
[14] Delicate precision work, the hallmark of any good flytyer
[15] Bind down the hackle and anything else you can find
[16] Whipf...
[17] Ta da!
[18] Now check it out
[19] Pretty damn sexy
[20] The Competition (blindfolded) Royal Traffic Light

Edited by Paul

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