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Hurricane Bob - part two

On Monday I promised a Saturday review of Bob's new book "Trout Hunting" - however I didn't say which Saturday and that's just as well because I haven't finished it yet. If the first half is anything to go by it is an excellent book and I believe quite ground-breaking. But as you know, sometimes even good books fizzle out into nothing, so it's quite possible that the second half is crap. I'm not saying it is crap of course - only that it's possible. I'll let you know one way or the other quite shortly.
Back to the story... Hurricane Bob lands a nice fish following some deft skill and educated fly selection. After an immense tooth and nail struggle he successfully lands the beast. However in a surprise moment, the fish leaps from Bob's hand and dives between his legs almost breaking his rod in the process. Paul, who's reactions are only marginally slower than Bob's, manages to shoot this quick photo of the event.
"Trout Hunting - the pursuit of happiness"

Edited by Paul

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