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The Mugwai Hunters - Go Kahawai - 5

Garry: "He hasn't moved for fully five minutes, Paul"
Jim: "He's just sort of standing there, with his head cocked to one side"
P: "Is he frothing at the mouth?"
J: "I don't know; I can't see from here. CAMO-GUY, PAUL SAYS ARE YOU FROTHING AT THE MOUTH?"
S-PS: "No response"
Deano: "Hey, by looking at this fly for long enough I think I can enter a trance"
Aaron: "Is Camo-Guy in another dimension now?"
G: "He was always in another dimension, Aaron"
Deano: "I'm going to try concentrating at all times"
S-PS: "Don't be stupid Deano; that won't work"
A: "Maybe he's catching a Kahawai right now with his mind?"
J: "Well, Paul?"
P: "That is possible of course, but highly unlikely. Normally it takes years of experience just to imagine a take"
G: "Well I'm don't like it; I'm gonna push him in"

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