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The Mugwai Hunters - Go Kahawai - 3

Camo-Guy: "Right, we've all drunk the sea water, brother Paul, and I don't know about you, but I feel some heavy kahawai action about to start any second now"
Paul: "Hang on Camo-Guy; it's not quite that simple"
Jim: "How do you mean, Paul?"
P: "Drinking saltwater is not enough, you also need to take this"
(Paul holds out some Claret Seal's Fur)
Jim: "What is it, Paul?"
P: "It's seal's fur, Jim"
Jim: "You mean we have to eat seal's fur now?"
SPS: "I'm not eating goddam seal's fur, I have enough trouble dubbing the stuff"
P: "You don't eat it Sean, you smoke it"
SPS: "Oh, that's different then"
J: "You smoke seal's fur?"
P: "It's the only way"
G: "Yeah, I tried that once"
J: "What's it like, Garry?"
G: "Tastes like shit, Jimbo"
Aaron: "Yes, but did you catch a Kahawai?"
G: "No, but I didn't know they existed then"
J: "They don't exist remember Garry? We live in a world of illusion"
G: "Oh yeah, I forgot"
C-G: "Well I don't know about you guys, but since I've come this far I'm not about to give up like some goddam pussy, we're Mugwai Hunters remember?"
J: "That's the spirit Camo-Guy... you go first then"
C-G: "Yee hah"

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