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Picture of the Day
The Mugwai Hunters - Go Kahawai - 2

Camo-Guy: "So, where've you brought us, Paul?"
*dramatic pause*
Paul: "The sea, Guy"
Jim: "The sea? But isn't that saltwater?"
Paul: "Yes Jimbo, every last drop"
Deano: "Ok, so where do we start?"
P: "Well the first thing you have to understand is that Saltfly is an impossiblity"
Jim: "An impossibility?"
P: "Yes, completely; flyfishing in the salt, and catching anything, on the forward cast that is, is completely impossible"
Garry: "So, you're saying we fish with our backcasts?"
P: "No Garry, we fish with our minds"
Aaron: "Our minds?"
P: "Yep, you see since reality is how we perceive it to be, in order to alter reality and make saltfly a possibility, we must first enter a non-reality world"
Jim: "And how do we do that?"
P: "By drinking this"
C-G: "What is it, some sort of magic potion?"
P: "It's the sea, Guy"
Six-pound Sean: "Won't whiskey do instead?"

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