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The Mugwai Hunters - Go Kahawai - 1 the return

Garry: "We're back"
Camo-Guy: "Yee haw"
*dramatic pause*
Paul: "What do you mean 'we're back'?"
Deano: "What do you mean, 'what do you mean we're back'?"
Paul: "erm, what do you mean, what do you mean... oh bugger; I never went anywhere, and besides, you can't just turn up unannounced. Now piss off"
Garry: "We're Mugwai Hunters, we can do anything we like"
C-G: "Yee haw"
Paul: "No you can't, it just so happens I'm doing a really cool PoD series of my own..."
Aaron: "The Journey"
Paul: "Yes, it's excellent. Have you seen it?"
G: "Yep, been there, seen it, it's crap"
Jim: "What the people want is action, Paul, they want to see drama, excitement and fish. Particularly fish in fact. Basically what they want is another Hunt"
C-G: "Yee Haw"
Paul: "We've already hunt the Mugwai..."
Jim: "We're not talking about Mugwai Hunting, we're after a different kettle"
G: "The Mugwai was a kettle?"
J: "Kettle of Fish, Garry, it was a clever play on words"
G: "Oh. Did you understand that Deano?"
D: "No, it went over the top of my head too"
J: "OK, what I meant was we're after a different fish"
All (apart from Paul) : "Ahhhh..."
P: "What different fish?"
A: "A kahawai"
P: "A kahawai?"
J: "Yep, a kahawai"
P: "What? As in 'a kahawai the imaginary saltwater fish'? I thought you guys wanted to catch *real* fish"
D: "We do Paul, and since you happen to be an expert..."
P: "I've caught three Deano..."
D: "Exactly. As I was saying, since you happen to be an expert, we need you to show us the way."
To be continued...

Edited by Grandma

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