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Hedge (sedge) hog

This fly may look shocking to you, why? Because it is seriously ugly! I know you were expecting something neat and lovely, but not today. The reason this fly is tied, well, I was going to say in the "Arden" style, but this clearly surpasses it, is simply due to a day I had on the Derwent a few seasons ago.

With no flies and very little time I sat down and attempted to tie something. Nothing worked, so I gave up and left with the one sorry excuse of a fly I'd created. Ironically, I then proceeded to have one of the best days of the season, which included my biggest ever river brownie of 3.8lbs.

Begs the question, what has fly tying become? Answers on a postcard.

P.S. And it does actually look a bit like a hedge hog this one :-))

Edited by Whipfinger

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