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Fantasy Flyfishing

Rick says: "It's wonderful to have two imaginary experts such as Bill and Paul on my boat and I feel quite privileged to have experienced this - thanks guys"
Bill says: "Aw shucks, Rick, you didn't have to say that; I feel quite moved by what you've just said"
Paul says: "Nothing is real, nothing is real, it's all an illusion of our own creation"
Rick says: "I'm particularly enamoured by Paul's backhanded casting"
Bill says: "Yes and his ability to walk on water is quite something to behold"
Paul says: "My spirit is one with the great beast, there is nothing that cannot be solved without... erm... blue? Shit! Now I've lost it. Damn. You're on strike, Bill!"
Rick: "Hard luck Paul, remember keep the mind blank and all your fishes will become true"
Bill: "Tough luck bald headed European; now watch how it should be done - Rick, will you back paddle us through the last two parallel worlds? I think I imagined some big reds there"
Rick: "Sure thing Bill, hang on to your shorts baby"

Edited by Paul

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