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First Ironman - Hungary

I've wanted to do an Ironman for a very long time. When I was 27 I took up running again (after a long lay-off), learned to swim and competed in the Noosa Triathlon (1.5K, 40K, 10K) - which some of you may remember. I did it twice, best time 2hr 15. I've always been a good runner, I used to run half marathon every day and I could run a marathon in less than 3 hrs - back then. I also did some big runs, such as the Tongariro Northern Circuit, which I think took around 6 hrs.
I decided to get back into this again last year and attempted the Coast to Coast in NZ in February, but just through not being fit enough I didn't make the transition cut-off time for the kayak section. I will of course go back and nail this race because like everyone else, I like to finish what I start.
So the Ironman is 3.8K swim, 180K bike, 42K run. Each of those is hard, on their own. You get tired running a marathon after about 16 miles for example. I don't know where you get tired on the bike, the most I cycled in training was 60K. I imagine however 120 would be the mark. And swimming I just find hard work anyway. The Ironman is of course all three back-to-back.
Having done one now, I'm going to do more (if you had asked me that yesterday I would have told you something different!). I think this is how to get fit and it certainly makes you HTFU.
The Hungarian Ironman is extremely well-organised, with a great atmosphere. It's hot, it was well over 30 degrees at one point, maybe 35 about half way through the run. It was windy, which made the bike hard work, and the water was warm (over 24 degrees which meant no wetsuits). You know it's a great event when your "competition" is urging you on.
Thanks to everyone for supporting our charity for this event, Koru Care!

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