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This is the River Duna - or Danube - which flows through Budapest. It's a big water. I haven't fished it this far down, but have fished upstream about an hour on an island. We used to live on the other bank for some of the previous winter, in the countryside in a place called Kismaros. I've only caught Asp (Balin) from this river, but some good ones, and I'm told there's good pike and zander fishing. There may be sturgeon too and of course there will be catfish. The fly fishing for Asp is what Hungarian fishing is about for me, although there's trout in the north in a few streams, and many of the local fly anglers also chase chub.

Where we're going to build the cabin is a couple of hours drive from here, overlooking the Drava River, which is also a pretty big river, although nothing like the size of the Danube. The Drava actually flows into the Danube but outside of Hungary. It then makes its way off to the Black Sea in Romania. Adam - Babus' brother - fished the delta there last year and caught Asp and Pike.

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