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Floating Gummy Minnow

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I got Jan "Janman" Kristensen to tie up one of his Floating Gummy Minnow last weekend. He's had good success throwing out near crashed bait balls in the salt.

Requires... hook, thread, siliskin (prismatic silver), round foam and eyes

Jan uses a Tiemco 811S #4 for bonefish-flies and a Gamakatsu SL12S # 1/0 for larger flies.

  1. Mount the hook and start the thread at the eye
  2. Tie in the foam at the eye and trim
  3. Pull the foam along the shank and trim off at an angle
  4. Taper the tail
  5. Mount by the eye, you want the hook point accessible
  6. Cut a piece of siliskin longer than the foam and wide enough to wrap around the body with some overlap. Poke a hole along the centerline where the hook bend begins to pull away from the shank
  7. Remove the backing, and carefully slip the point through the hole
  8. Slide the hole to the underside of the shank
  9. Pull the foam along the shank and wrap the siliskin to form the body
  10. Trim the siliskin leaving a seam, mount the hook by the bend, whip on a head, pluck away the remaining skin at the eye
  11. Glue on the eyes. Done!

Thanks Jan!

Edited by Eric

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