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Yesterday I linked to an old PoD of Paul's, the Royal Wulff Challenge of tying one while blind. After a couple days of trying to tie a classic neatly and a bit anally, this way due! I mounted up the hook, laid out the seemingly rediculous amount of materials.

I called my lovely assistant to get a blindfold and camera, a great start to a lot of fun things. ("This gets stranger and stranger every time!") She obliged with a dignifed cow and moon pillowcase and rather than just sacking my head, kindly pinned it back.

At first poised and prepared, I was now completely lost. So this is how Paul must feel all the time! Just finding the first bit of fur was an adventure, identifying different bits just by feel was a little enlightening. The house beast somehow knew I was blind too and tried to sneak off with my calf tail only to be thwarted by the tight-lipped photographer who wouldn't give any hints as to what material was in hand. Only through intense concentration, was I able to maintain my composure and complete...

A Paul's Royal Trude!... with some grizzly hackle and upright hackle wing... kinda...

Now this isn't the first time I've tied a Royal Trude. I actually invented it back in 2004 while tweaking a Royal Wulff to fish wet. Sure it was 100 years after it got invented the first time, but that doesn't belittle the serendipitous event.

Now I thought the tying it would be the hard part, but it turns out following after our fearless leader and fishing the thing is the more courageous part of the challenge!


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