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Hooked up with Yon for a day last week (the American pronunciation of Jan. Right Pol?). He was on some sort of university-sponsored boondoggle to Davis, California (land of bicycles, sunshine and taquerias). He brought along some Gammel Dansk which is great stuff after you get used to the twitching. Mistakenly, I didn't have any GD prior to the outing. I didn't realize it says "For Fishing" right on the label! He slept in by Danish time, I was still blinking sheepishly.

We had a beautiful day out on the American River which delivered on the famous California sunshine and even provided a palm tree to drift past. Unfortunately no steelies made it to the hook, despite our fearless and excellent guide Ryan who used all but the most dastardly American methods to get us into silver (yes there was shot mono and rainbow headed indicators). Jan prospected up some gold in one of the alternate forms and assailed Ryan and I with tales from the salty imagination.

These viking fellas aren't half bad as long as you can keep them from plundering and falling in the river!

Edited by Eric

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