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Fuzzy Foam

For some reason I've always loved Ants. Besides the glass plate farm when I was a kid, the Perfect Ant was one of the first patterns that I had real success with. Even though you can't improve on perfection, I wanted one that floated better like foam, but believing in the antron, I came up with this.

I want a textured foam, foam with dubbing attached. This fuzzy foam is an experiment in process, but no reason to keep it secret. If you've done this before, please chip in. I took foam (white in this pic, but will make ants with round black cylinders), sprayed it with adhesive, then rolled it in snipped up antron.

For the simple Fuzzy Foam Ant, I just bound this to the hook in the middle and wrapped on a furnace hackle (snipped below for legs, full above for a potential wing). With a long dubbing coated foam cylinder, you could tie 1000 of these an hour.

Edited by Eric

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