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Furled Sonker

Not a fur Zonker but in the style, this is more of a technique to make a strip or string from any material you might want to us. Long fiber material is dubbed onto a piece of mono that's repeatedly twisted under tension. As tension is relieved, it furls (the mono twists onto itself). It's easy, quick, and a legitimate use for the rotary function on your vise.

1) Cut a piece of heavier mono twice as long as you'd like your strip. I use 12 to 15 pound strength. Securely pinch one end into the jaws of your vice; with a simple overhand knot, tie the other end to a tool of some type. I guess fluro would last longer, but it lasts too long for my tastes.

2) Smear some flexible glue onto the mono and dub a heavy rope with a long fiber material.

3) Pull the mono out to the right and begin twisting your vice. Keep some moderate tension on it, and watch for when it starts to try to shorten. Stop twisting.

4) With a bodkin, push down in the middle of the mono and slowly move the end toward the vice, sort of forming a V. It should be hinting that it wants to coil.

5) Moment of Truth: Pray to the fish god, pull away the bodkin, and let it coil! You should get a nice twisted rope. Loosen the vice and set it aside.

6) Tie your Zonker as normal but substitute in the mono furl.

7) Scruff up the mono furl with velcro or a wire brush. Presto, Furled Sonker.

Edited by Eric

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