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Picture of the Day

Here's my current favorite! Some sort of intruder / marabou lure variant.

1. add eyes
2. lash on a loop of heavy gsp at the bend, optional for trailer hook
3. ball of ice dub at the end
4. collar of olive hackle
5. strands of ostritch (3 white, 3 black)
6. wrap an olive marabou feather
7. gold mylar up the body
8. repeat steps 3-6 behind the eyes
9. dub around the eyes/head and finish
10. Optional, clip off main hook (or fish as a double?). Add trailer hook with loop connection. Snell or otherwise tie a very short mono loop onto an up-eye bait hook (Owner #4 Mosquito hook is thin and sharp as hell. I've opened a #8.)

The Rails

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