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Gspot #5

Hint: This month's G-spot came from a conversation with a reader and if you've caught me daydreaming, this might be why!

In the southern portion of the world's longest mountain range, there's a beautiful National Park with lakes and streams filled with both native species like the pejerrey as well as trout. A huge larch forest towers between the banks and the snowy glacial peaks. It's just west from Esquel in the Chubut Province. Lat: -X2.65 Long: -X1.92

G-Spot: Name this National Park and the country it's in Bonus: Name the glacier above Lago Menendez to get a second entry.

For a chance to win a new fly line (anything but a multi-tip) sponsored by the good people at Scientific Anglers (Thanks Bruce!), send your answers to The winner will be chosen with the Sexyloops random number generator from correct entries, and three additional winners will get a Sexyloops "Flyfishing, Flycasting, and Socks" sticker.

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--->Los Alerces National Park, Patagonia Argentina & the Torrecillas Icefield<---

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