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Saturday - The Line

Look! More people than tumbleweeds! (Pretty amazing actually)

I gathered all these fly fishers together to break the record for the largest simultaneous hookup! Actually, I was fishing with a regional group of nice folks I'd met online. It's just a Saturday afternoon on tourney day in the heart of the prime season at the most popular beach on the lake. Strangely, 2/3's of the 100 mile shore is accessable, yet most gather here (it's closest to the bar maybe). You can certainly find great fishing at other spots, and while not my first choice, in some ways it's not a completely horrible experience fishing among so many others. In other ways, it's totally rediculous, but people talk and laugh along the line, take photos for each other, share tips and flies. You certainly get to see a lot of varied casting. When fishing's slow, you know. When the big fish turn on, you've suddenly got one hell of a fly fishing party!


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