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East Sierra - Day 1

We got down off the hill pretty quickly. Mmmm hot brakepads. Somewhere about 2am London time, Andrew was pretty knackered and zonked out while we crossed the valley, passed through a little town. I saw a few no vacancy signs. Some thick clouds had rolled in and camping seemed like it might be a little chancy. We passed below a reservoir to the river below, a tailwater Bob would call a creek.

With a little light left we found an easy pull off and hit the water. Seemed like another world from where we were earlier in the day. Nothing was coming off but we gave it a shot anyway. I pulled a black rabbit zonker and came away without a nibble, but Andrew got a hold of a brown (always eases the mind when the first fish shows up). We headed down a narrow willowed track between a cliff and the water and found the prime campspot open. As we cracked a beer and unloaded, the skies lit up into the most gorgeous sunset of the year. I'd pre-cooked some ratatouille, stuffed it into a baguette with some pesto and feta, then baked it in foil on the grill. We immediately felt much better with some hot food and a campfire.

Woke up with dawn and hustled up to get back on the water below the Pinions getting ready to drop their pinenuts. We scared up a few browns, and I was surprised by a couple panfish in the frogwater. A few more rods had shown up so we dropped down to a faster harder-to-access section where we played in the pocket water. A stimi-dropper pulled up several young browns and Andrew got into a good one than got ripped away in the main current. I pulled Andrew away to hit the other fork where I just knew there were some fun rainbows (and just maybe a cutthroat) to play with... The wind came up and we never saw em... Doh!

We ended up back in town on my Truckee for evening. This time we did find the rise. Andrew pulled in the best fish of the evening, a mountain whitefish. I explained how rare and alluring this native fish was and that taking one on a dry was an exceeding achievement. Nice to cross that one off the list. Another sunset saw us off the water.

Cheers Andrew! Great having you over!


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