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Picture of the Day
Mission Save Paul 7

Bob: I'm glad I've only done that once in my life
Rich: That's was some heavy shit
Jim: What day is it?
Mountie: September 2nd
Carlos: Close enough
Eric: Mr. Mountie! Paul Arden is coming, you'd got to stop him at the border. Don't let him cross.
Bob: *whisper* say please
Eric: Please!
Mountie: Certainly, whatever you wish.
Carlos: There's Paul.
Rich: Paul! Stop, don't come to Canada.
Paul: Hey guys! What are you doing here? Am I late?
Jim: Don't cross Paul!
Paul: Are you kidding? I'm going bull trout fishing.
Eric: Don't do it!
Paul: I'm going to go nail some bulls! Mountie Dude, can I come in and go fishing?
Bob: *whisper* please
Paul: Please?
Mountie: Certainly, come right in Mr. Arden.
Paul: Thanks Mountie Dude.
Carlos: Doh!
Eric: Doh!
Jim: Doh!
Rich: Fuck!
Bob: *sigh* Paul, just head for the coast, come back next year for your truck.


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