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Picture of the Day
Mission Save Paul 5

Carlos: Finally!
Jim: Oooh! I read about this; it's in the FFF recommended reading list.
Rich: Free Paul you son of a bitch!
Eric: Mr. Mountie. Can you release Paul from Canadian prison?
Bob: *whisper* say please
Eric: Can you release Paul please?
Mountie: Certainly, but Mr. Arden isn't in prison. I believe that he's fishing mystery river CCCCCCC. Ahh, there he is. Well done Mr. Arden, a fine rainbow.
Paul: Thanks Mountie Dude. Brothers! You've got to get me out of here!
Jim: Nice hat.
Carlos: But you're free Paul.
Rich: Do I still get to blow something up?
Bob: It took a DHE didn't it?
Paul: The problem is I can't get back into the US. I wish I'd never crossed the border in the first place.
Eric: That's it! String up a rod.
Paul: You don't mean...
Eric: That's right. A time loop!
Carlos: Ah hay hay!


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