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FFF Conclave '06

A few of my pics from the Conclave

Gary's Pics


Salmon Falls Creek near the Nevada Idaho Border. I think this is why I love the desert. Miles of nothing but sagebrush, stones and thin grass, when a lovely little spot like this just pops up roadside.

The Snake River Canyon at Twin Falls, Idaho. Evel tried to jump it in a rocket cycle. I'll just try next year with a shooting head.

Carl (Bumcast) practices his line management skills.

Rich Knowles witnesses Mac Brown land with an alien hauling tool, the tip off some unknown rod. "The trick see, is to get another couple feet out of your haul." Rich blasts off when he sees the loop no bigger than a Heineken bottle (his universal unit of measure).

Rich's knife. I use it to make a blood sacrafice to the casting gods. They repay me by allowing my camera to react a fraction too late and miss the ultra tight loop.

Carl tries it and then practices his line management. "Carl! Unload both tips at once." "Bloody Hell!" He said he was going to work on casting. I'm skeptical, but he's pretty friendly so I'll overlook his failings.

The Gallatin which runs between West Yellowstone and Bozeman. There are anglers at nearly every bend, but the rainbows were some of the most beautifully colored fish I've ever seen. Tonio Tonio and I infuriate Paul by wanting to see them.

A shot from the sexyloops casting session conducted behind the hotel every night. Something might have happened, but it's all a little blurry. Be sure to sign up early, there are limited spots available (left to right: Paul, Rich, Tonio, and myself. Bill I hope that helps identify everyone =D

Bozeman last call. Rich, myself Eric, Tonio, Paul and Carl

Carl mutates into Bumcast, a jekyll/hyde sort of thing. Horrific.

My boatmate Tonio and the Madison

Bruce points out a swirling hydraulic. "I usually cast over there." The caliber and clarity of instruction and tips at this level is boggling.

A couple antelope on the bank. Rich asks if I saw them all along the highway, but I miss them mentioning an F350 ahead of me that was drifting across the centerline.

Cocktail Rock above the Madison. (Left to Right: Bob, Cezanne, Tonio, Bruce, Paul, Eric, Rich). Shortly afterward Cezanne displays the 10 point turn to send us back down the switchbacks.

Rich salutes the Palisades with a Moose Drool above the Madison.

Box Canyon section of the Henry's Fork near Island Park in Idaho. I try to get in over my head but Rich saves me.

Paul whips up a great lasagna (no really!) then says that he'll be saving water by only showering with women from now on (so that explains the long stretches.)

Hebgen Lake. No fish and crappy scenery. I've still got no idea why Paul's there.

The calibetis on Ennis lake looking for some shade.

Our fearless leader does this a lot.

Paul has a flashback to his Ardleih days.

I'm so happy I went and hope to see you all soon.

Cheers, Eric

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