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Paraphrasing a post from the board, James Ogden's Invicta from the late 18th century is a great winged wet (the only winged fly Paul fishes) that still fishes as well as ever. The blue barred secondary feathers from a European jay of the fly's throat have a ultraviolet quality which might be key to its allure. There are certainly substitutes such a blue dyed guinea fowl. Bob doesn't even think it's necessary and goes for a more simply tied and sparse Golden Olive Bumble without the jay altogether. The shade of the seal fur varies from tier to tier from light to darker. Silver and pearl bodied variants also get some fine recommendations.

Hook, 10 to 14.
Silk, black or brown.
Tail, Golden pheasant crest feathers.
Rib, oval gold tinsel.
body, yellow, yellow amber or amber seals fur.
Palmered hackle, red game cock.
Throat hackle, the blue wing feathers from a European Jay.
Wing, hen pheasant centre tail, can be rolled or paired slips

Thanks to pics and explaination guys!


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