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Hope Valley

Last weekend I stopped by to visit an old memory. This is an absolutely gorgeous place, Hope Valley, and everyone knows it. I spent several summers in it as a kid; it was the family's summer grazing land back in my ranching roots. It's pretty popular these days, and rightfully so. The highway near the river cuts the grassy valley surrounded by snowy mountains, pines, poplars, and now a few campgrounds. The fishing pressure is pretty out of control with no special regs and regular stocking. At first I was a little upset that the path had been beaten down so firmly, but I've since become a little thankful. Thankful that it's been recognized for it's beauty and protected, so I've still got hope. Hope that the river will be recognized and will one day be protected as a wild trout water, so we can see the wild animals of the land and sky can reside with their aquatic counterparts.

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