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Saturday - Slide Bowl

A quick drive north of about 4 road stimmies and just over a tank of gas, and we were no where. Into the mountains toward a couple unknown blue blops on the forest service map (well worth the 6 bucks at the ranger station) turned out to be the plan. Passing along the edge of a large butte where hang gliders launch, we suddenly slid down into a bowl where a great chunk of mountain had given way in some old past leaving a bowl speckled with small lakes. A camp at one of the unlabelled lakes popped up and night saw a great game of midnight kaber toss with Bigfoot. He won.

The next day we hit one of the waters (small reservoir) closer to the road and kicked around trying to catch small brown and brook trout. It was my first float tube day. I managed a fish after somehow getting my fly fishing. I'm still debating the tube/pontoon boat/kayak/canoe dilemma. This day didn't solve anything. I should probably have one of each right? Say 'yes, absolutely' because I'm almost there!

That afternoon we hiked up and found one of the most pristine alpine lakes I've ever seen. Natural, clear and a crystal light blue that transitioned into a beautiful aqua. Tall trees and grasses ringed the edge and a beauty that my feeble camera skills couldn't capture. Near the small outlet, drifting logs dropped a crisscross of shadows along the bottom. Fish cruised these lanes taking sharp turns as if they were cars on a track. This was certainly too quiet and tranquil so I got in there and spooked the hell out of everything.


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