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Saturday - The Pyramid Tadpole/Beetle

Here's a quick foam tie that I've been using to dredge the depths booby style. It's a varient of the Gartside Gurgler with a chenille body (thanks Lars!). I use a sink line to drop it with a bugger trailer to make it bob. This ones a #8, but I'll be tying up some small blacks for terrestrials on the river and can double as a small popper (Gerhard!). Fish seem to like them, but going deep sometimes I come up with an artifact from Atlantis which should please archeologist Lars. Maybe he can explain why they needed mud flaps in ancient times.

1) Slip foam over point and mount hook.

2) Start thread behind foam at bend.

3) Tie in tail.

4) Slide foam over tail tie in, cup foam up and bind down.

5) Wrap chenille front to back.

6) Split thread dub with long buggy material.

7) Palmer and stroke fibers down.

8) Pull foam forward, cup downward while binding down, whip under foam at eye and trim.

9) Fish it!


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