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Return of the Vikings

This man is a Viking. You can tell that from the way he's holding his rod. Vikings do that. Look at his face; it may surprise you but that's a look of intense concentration. Viking Lars has been concentrating like this for at least twenty seconds. Any longer and his beard will stand on end. This is Saltwater Fly in action. It's exciting. Only two days in and Carl pretended to have a take. The unknown man standing behind Lars, to the left of the picture, is also a flyfisher and has been standing like this for the last three days. This is how they do it in Denmark. And he hasn't caught anything either. And he most probably never will. He doesn't realise that he's been taken in and that Saltfly simply doesn't work. He just thinks he's just "unlucky" or "it's the wrong time of year". Ha! The only possible way to catch fish out of the sea is to first bring them with you. Lars knows this. He may look stupid, sometimes, but that's a front.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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