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Return of the Vikings

Inspirational is not the word for it. This is one of Viking Lars' "Special" flies as tied in yesterday's Pod and revealed to Lasse in this year's Denmark and Busted - "The Return of the Codling". I'm not entirely sure when he uses it or what it imitates. If anything. Over to Lars...

"I first developed this 'Special' fly for use in the Salt, but you can try it anywhere. I wasn't catching anything at the time and so I used my Viking imagination to come up with a fly more spectacular than anyone else's. The tail in this case is olive marabou, carefully tied in so that it is exactly double the hook length.
Intermediate tyers often get that bit wrong. For the back I have used cock pheasant tail fibres, delicately placed to imitate wriggling shrimp legs. One slightly unusual feature of this fly, that you may have noticed, is the fluorescent pink hackling fuck up."

The Return of the Codling: just another day.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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