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Around Thirty men spread through a field, long before inhabited by hominids, barely visible through a bonechilling mist, all of them shaking a simple long shaped tool with no rest. Their feet and bodies soaking wet and they stay like that, without turning a hair, for eight long hours.

OK this is written by a Spaniard - Paul

Seldom during the day this men gather together in small groups and follow the instructions of someone that seems to be one of the leaders. Sometimes during the day the they'll be found forming a tight pack, warming each other and without moving a bone they'll hear and watch as one of the leaders instructs them in the use of the tool in question. Temperature dorps, wind blows, rain persists, thus noone dares to abandon their stand. Many of the faces, blank and distorted, seem frozen and few can still feel their numb limbs. All of them shake relentlessly that curious gadget, wich seem to imibue them in a magic spell and give them life. So they stay 'til the absolute darkness leaves no more remedy than to disperse and return to their families, all of them some hundreds of miles away. Freezing, Starving and with a strange satisfaction face they manage to reach their means of transportation and leave. The strangest and most incomprehensible of this phenomenom is that all of them paid to endure this tough expirience and leave enchanted. Pure Magic.

What is it about Flycasting that prompts situations like the one just discribed?

I don't fully understand it. Only the one that chooses to try, even without understanding it, feels able to live such an experience.

- Jean Pierre Sauré Roeckel

Edited by Paul

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