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Picture of the Day
In from Bob!

"While we continue to worry about the outrageous demands of Dan's kidnappers, and if he'll ever make it back to the lovin' arms of that little sweetie of his, you might be interersted to see one of the results of last week's Blair Mouse project. Carl nailed this cracking 11lb brownie on a dry fly (those huge deer hair mice are technically dry flies, right?) while Morsie was out in his float boat in the dark, attracting disturbing numbers of eels. Maybe it's the comet. You've seen the comet. Signs and portents, man. Lots of weird shit going on out here.

Magnus has asked if this fish is really that big, or if Carl just has girly hands.

Bob says: "Actually, Carl IS a girl. 5'2" and kinda cute after a few days in the bush. It's why we let him tag along on these trips.

Edited by Bob Wyatt

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