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Anchor B

1. Max's Anchor B is the place to kick back and reflect on things - like life and how many fishing days you have left. This will get you focused, believe me. But, you know, don't panic or anything, just get to it.

2. The Oldman has been rearranged by the spring floods, so things have yet to settle down. I reckon it's the most beautiful trout stream in Alberta.

3. Max turned us loose and we really enjoyed ourselves. Here we tuck into a huge pancake breakfast in the saloon.

4. Johnny loves his new boat. The older you get the more you appreciate this kind of thing.

5. The fish in the Crowsnest are in superb shape and make it easy to ignore the creeping suburbanisation along the river. It's still one of the world's great trout streams.

Hurricane Bob Wyatt
Edited by Bob

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