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The Grass Killer

Zoltan the Magnificent - and the "grass killer".

Just back from a quick trip to Hungary. Had a blast. We cast, fished, had a campfire, drank superb wine, I got my arse bitten by mosquitoes and got to see a different part of the country: Naggashagga, which is near Lake Boloton. Hungarian is a difficult language. Even the Hungarians struggle to speak it. I think we'll have more pictures tomorrow. But there won't be any pictures of big fish... However there are big fish in Hungary: Catfish to over 200lbs and Carp to over 35kilos for example, and big Asp - which is a fish you don't know. The problem is that nobody knows how to catch them. Or if they do, then no one knows how to land them. I will be returning later in the year with a 12 weight, but next: Canada.

By the way, it's interesting that in Hungary all the women wear miniskirts and all the men old trousers with the legs cut off. Zoltan has cleverly managed to turn his trousers into shorts using his grass killer. Hungarians are practical like that.

Edited by Paul

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