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Autumn 4

It's another of those "Autumnal pictures". This is the head of lake Dunstan, Clutha Arm. When I first came to NZ they'd only just flooded this lake and the growth rates were absolutely frightening; I read reports of 9 inch fish putting on two pounds in only four months. Some locals used deerhair frog patterns to land trophy browns and damsel nymphets were spectacular here. A five pound brown was on the decidedly small side and there were many good rainbows to be caught. Twelve years later and it's silted up but there's still plenty of good fishing to be had. The Clutha River incidentally, is a beast and I seem to recall has the sixth highest flow rate in the world. Hawea, Wanaka and Wakatipu all flow into the Clutha and it has quite a good sedge hatch in places.

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