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Autumn 14

So, back to the Autumn series. Although now it feels like Winter! I'm not normally in NZ this late in the season, but I'm pleased I am this year because following an completely crap couple of months the fishing has really picked up again. This is one of my camping spots near Te Anau in Fiordland. I like this place because (a) it's free (b) I never have any company unless I want it and (c) I have mobile coverage here and so can put together Sexyloops' pages like this one. I have a nice fire going, plenty of wood, some booze and a river about twenty feet to the left. What with the fire crackling, the stags roaring and the river singing to me, I'd have to be crazy not to love this world. Mind you, most people don't see it like that. Hang on, need more wood...

Edited by Paul

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