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25% more in your flies

Sean begins the 25% More in your Flies Royal Wulff tying.

"If you are following someone else's path then it is not your own. Why play follow the leader? I'm on this planet and I'm going to be myself, not anyone else. There's only one Sean Geer in this world. I have no idols and I want none either. Beware of imitations, imitators and sheep. There's no one way of doing anything, there's only a whole bunch of people doing the same thing because they have not one original idea of their own. Well I'm not interested in what they think I should be doing. I'm doing MY thing, tying MY flies, living MY life. THAT'S what this is about. And this Royal Wulff is going to kick arse."

Ron: "When you're finished Sean I'm gonna tie a Royal Wulff just like yours."
"Yeah me too"
"Yeah and me"

Edited by Grandma

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