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Sean selects TINSEL. Tinselling is one of Sean's passions in life, in fact he invented it. Here he has chosen gold tinsel, that may be significant, expecially when you consider he's tying the Royal Wulff.

"As in all things one must make one's own way through life. Why be constrained by other people's lack of imagination? If you follow the crowd your limited by the crowd. I'm Sean Geer, my own man, and I'll damn well do whatever I please. I may be a creative genius and my life is both an expression and an exclamation. Tell me the Royal Wulff has silver wire and I'll give you ten reasons why you're wrong. Tell me my Royal Wulff has gold tinsel and I'll give you ten reasons why you're wrong. If you use the silver, you've missed the point. If you use gold you've missed the point. Forge you're own path, make your own footprints. Never do the same thing twice, or once even. If it's been done before, do something different. Where I'm going no one has tred. That's the point and if you follow me you're just another sheep."

Ron: "And what's wrong with that? I love being a sheep. You get to eat grass and do lots of cool sheep stuff. Being a sheep is fantastic. I'd thoroughly recommend it in fact."

Edited by Grandma

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