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Somewhere in Sardinia

Whoa! This picture has everything; it's big, out of focus, at the beginning, bit of a cock up in the middle, there's the people element (Lisa). Basically it's one great panoramic picture. I have no idea where it is of course, although I did fish here, twice in fact, and the second time successfully entering the saltwater trance state and I began frothing at the mouth before falling down a hole. If you ever visit this place, in frame six there lies a Terminator. Please pay your respects.

Edited by Paul
no don't make me do it anymore, i promise to be a good trout fisher from now on, don't make me cast into the sea, it's not nice, i can't handle it any more, argghh, argghh, get out of my head you fiend, stand back you bastards, i know you're not real, no more seal's fur for you, destroy the myth, let me out of my head, gerrof, ummphh, no i don't want any bait you bar stool
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