04/11/02 The Shift (in perspective)

Life sometimes can feel like a giant rugby tackle. It always surprises me that, no matter how hard the tackle is, I still find myself with the ball and sprinting as fast as my legs will go. Iíve tried kicking the ball into touch at least once in my life and Iím continually trying to pass it on to someone else, but some part of me, the bit that gets me into trouble (and invents snail fighting for example), will not let go of the damn thing, in fact heís trying to tell me that there is no ball in the first place and I should remember the hand-off. And he may be right. And yes I am back in NZ. And yes they are playing rugby outside the window. And no, I havenít been fishing yet.

But I should be on the road very shortly. I had some catching up to do with an ex-girlfriend (one of the tacklers Ė hand-off manoeuvre working well now) and Iíve arranged to get a van and cheap.

Last weekend was pretty wild, you know meeting Steve and the "mystery man" Ė a mystery man who will become a part of Sexyloops Ė a man so mysterious in fact that it is only now that I mention that he was there at all Ė a man who will remain a mystery until March 1st when we unveil him to the world. There will be smoke screens (could it be Lee Marvin?), there will be some other stuff that has yet to be decided upon, but will be both exciting and devastating (like a sock), for this is the NEW Sexyloops (itís still the old Sexyloops but with a shift in perspective Ė thatís marketing for you) Ė and I have not yet settled back into the Sexyloops groove.

And I need to go fishing.

"Get out there"

I think Iíll be fishing by Wednesday night, all being well. It may shock you to realise that I have my life so well planned out that I can see this far into the future Ė extended vision I call it. Steve was responsible for that, and it could actually be a good thing, because, by working in advance, Iíll be able to go fishing and not just for half a day or so, but for several days, you know back to back, real "get out there and fish" fishing.

Right now Iím about 3452 emails behind where I should be (and itís not looking good), Iím right on the mark with the PoDís, I have a ripple to make in the UK (which you will find out about) and I have phone problems. Sexyloops will be brought to you, in the main, through emails with Steve via notebook and mobile. Uploading direct can be hazardous, expensive and complicated. Especially when it only half happens. Iím curious to see if this works out. Weíll know one way or the other when we enter the "groove" and Sexyloops comes to you straight out the back of the van. Or not.

If it doesnít work out Iíll have to rent somewhere and thatís not nearly so exciting :-)

Self contained

And Iím almost completely self-contained; I still have a few purchases to make, like a stove and 5 months supply of beans. But once I have wheels I should be all set. All electrics can be powered through a cigarette lighter and, for me, itís quite a thought to think that, what is now the largest flyfishing site in Europe Ė plug (although why exactly, when youíre already here, is slightly confusing, maybe that was why) Ė is brought to you out the back of a van. Like an underground movement; slightly anarchic and definitely dangerous. Or if not dangerous exactly, then certainly potent. Or if not potent then portable.

I may grow my hair and buy some psychedelic paint.

I have yet to recover from the flight, I think that the secret to good flying and feeling great when you arrive, is not to drink any alcohol. So it could be weeks before Iím fully back to normal Ė whatever that state may be. However Iíve been out running. Iím about to revive "run-flyfishing". Run-flyfishing is a relatively new and very exciting multi-sport, which, surprisingly, has yet to catch on. Not sure why that should be. It may be the lack of tweed opportunities. Run-flyfishers wear shorts and T-shirts and sweat a lot. Itís fast and furious. It opens up new horizons. And itís funky.

Part two (The funky part)

Spring is here!

I hadnít really noticed, you know being caught up in that van-buying ex-girlfriend-hand-offing (no, it was nice really) world that all of us find ourselves in at some point or other and lo and behold it hit me: itís Springtime (again). "Hey itís all in your mind anyway dude". Gimme back that ball.

And tell me this! Are you any crazier talking to God or yourself (cos a partner sure wonít cut it)? Itís something that bothers me (in between fishing) and especially when one or other starts answering back. So before I (we) well and truly lose the plot, Iím going fishing. When youíre fishing you donít think about life, so thatís alright then. Fill your mind with specious thoughts just in case you really start Ė or stop Ė thinking, you donít want to wake yourself up, just image what would happen if you smash your own mask and discover that youíve been deluding yourself your whole life. Could that be the Mugwai? Life without mirrors Ė or only with.

Iíve got my flies: all three of them.

Spring feeling

So yep, Spring is here. I get a couple of Spring-times each year, although Queensland never really counted, because it was either wet season or dry season and the plants didnít seem to care Ė either that or I just never really noticed them. Itís a great feeling. And Iíve come to the conclusion that it is a feeling, like warmth, or more precisely like space Ė or the presence of snow (yeah right, like I can remember how that felt).

Big leaded ones with scruffy fur Ė could be stoneflies. Gonna head south, to that well-known mystery river, Mystery River X. Iím particularly looking forward to fishing this river now Ė and not later, say Ė because Mystery River X is only a mystery during November. Come December it becomes packed with misguided guided Americans. Oooh. Donít know where that one came from. Must be that alter ego thing again. That or God of course. Take your pick. "Canít find your own fish?" If we didnít have the damn ball we wouldnít get tackled so hard.

The journey

When I head south Iíll drive through the middle, past Mt Cook. Great place to take photos, do some fishing and re-acquaint myself with NZ . Iíve sure missed mountains, I know that.

As all of this comes into fruition, Steveís role in Sexyloops will become more visible. For one thing Iíll be throwing content around, and doing more editing stuff, and less HTML work. This comes as a relief to Steve because some of my HTML code is dubious. And my use of CSS sucks. Steve in fact welcomes the extra work. He says he would like to sleep less. Heís been sleeping at least four hours per night, and would like to get it down to three or so, before going all out for the wakelessness-Sexyloops-trance-state. Our Mystery Man, to be revealed on March 1st (drum roll) doesnít realise quite what he has let himself in for Ė although he thinks he does. We will be preparing him by ringing him up in the middle of the night to ask him what heís doing. "Wake up dude Ė the ball is in your mind" You are in my mind. "I am your mind"

Soon be fishing.

Working to the Plan

Hey this is ironic, Iíve just bought myself a coffee plunger from The Warehouse (a bit like K-Mart, only crappier) and the coffee tastes and smells of plastic and is, not surprisingly, quite undrinkable. You know, itís hard to beat the subtle nutty aromas of Underpant-Coffee . Thatíll teach me for skimping on the washing.

If youíve been around the last couple of days (I havenít) you would have realised that Steve is busy working on The Plan Ė the one we devised last weekend Ė and the site is being re moulded in sections.

AND then thereís the Spanish Section that's started. I am thrilled that Carlos is busy translating the flycasting into Spanish. This is fantastic and enables us to reach a far wider audience (Iíll really have to learn Spanish Ė Life, not God, nor my alter ego, but Life appears to be telling me that this is something I need to know and just knowing one word, no matter how useful a word "Tortuga" can be Ė itís not enough). Iíll shortly be putting a page together explaining who Carlos is exactly Ė he is in fact one of the flycasters in the Dirty Harry series and one of the finest presentation casters I know.

As I write this I am surrounded by "stuff". I didnít realise I had quite so much "stuff" Ė you know being a minimalist Ė and I donít think that itís just "spread out" although that certainly is the case, but whatever the case is, I think Iím going to need an impressively large van to escort it all about in. Especially if there are any Tortugas around. I feel like a good rugby tackle coming on.

"Look out now, Iíve got the ball"

Cheers, Paul Ė from Christchurch :-)))

Next week: how I managed to get to Mystery River X and avoided the straightjacket.