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Here you'll find movie clips that are of more general interest.

The Rise
Jim Curry at the riverside and
not the dentist.
Angler's Approach
Jim Curry demonstrates how not to stalk fish.

Cool Hand Lars
Swoffing in the Frozen North 101: Hands, warming of.
Warm Hand Lars
The Sequel. As with Godfather 2 it's even better than the first.

Rio Test
"What do you think of that then, Simon?"
Crooked Thumb
Definitely casting in a different plane...

Stalking Ten Pound Tom
How to catch a large trout whilst dressed like the Viet Cong
Flip Flop 5
This is why the other 5 beginning with Babylon was so successful
What can I say? Best not to say anything really. Sort of an anti-clip

Stalking Snappy
Happy snappy chappy
WC Stewart
This is the reason why Lord of the Rings was made in New Zealand - it's full of strange creatures.
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