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Samsøkiller: Sea trout love this fly!


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Ronan's report

Wednesday 15 October, 2014

I can't remember how many different flies I have presented to the Sea trout along the Baltic coast. Must have been well over 500 different patterns though. After all I (mainly) ended up with just one fly, which to me really made a difference in many situations. I developed that fly ten years back fishing the coastline of a small Danish island called "Samsø". Since that fly straight away was a killer to Sea trout, I named it: Samsøkiller.

Today it's fair to summarize this fly to have become pretty well known for coastal Sea trout fishing in general. I received many emails of fly fisherman from all over the Baltic coast sending me pictures of great Sea trout they caught on the Samsøkiller. But that's not all. I also received pictures presenting other species of fish like Atlantic salmon, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Sea bass, Mullet, Pike, Pike perch, Perch, Striped bass, Steelhead and quite some more. Yes, all caught on that pattern. Thanks a lot for all the kind feedback. It's a pleisure to watch that pattern fishing more and more around the world!

How it looks?

You may want to check the pictured tying instruction in the pic of the day section.

You think that fly looks UGLY?

It does. It's exactly that why especially trout have to bite it! ;)

Seriously, give that fly a medium to fast retrieve and you'll see why that fly indeed looks beautiful. It's just you have to watch it IN the water, not in the air. In the water?

Yes, you know...that's where the fish are!

I personally fish that fly in a weight range of 0,5 to 1,5 gramm using 15 to 22 gramm shooting heads (9 to 12m in length) when chasing Sea trout along the Baltic coast. It is easy to cast and it never tangles. If it tangles it's not a Samsøkiller yet! The tail should be tied on the monofilament in order to avoid the tail to tangle around the hook bend. All you have to do is matching the length of the monofilament and the length of the tail and it never will tangle. That to me is a very important part in general. I stopped fishing flies that tend to tangle. No sense in fishing such pain in the ass flies!

If I could inspire you to give that fly a chance to help you hook up with a great fish, I would be happy to hear back from you. ;)

If not, well maybe you can adapt the monofilament to one of your (long) tailed patterns in order to stop them tailing either!?

Nice week and who knows a serious Samsøkillered take to all of you!


p.s.: The best thing about the Samsøkiller (especially in these days) is, that it catches a hell lot of fish even without UV reflecting materials in it. So you can safe that EXTRA money! ;)

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