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Ronan's report

Wednesday 19 November, 2014

The past 7 days we had fantastic fly fishing for pike. Not a single day without catching fish yet! Since the water temperature is significant higher as it usually would be at this time of year, we had to search the pike first of all. Mostly at this time of year pike would migrate into the deeper pools. This year they are still in pretty shallow spots, which offers a superb fishing with the floating line. To most pike fisherman that is the best way to catch them. A floating line always marks the best strikes.

During the past week we again had big ones upto 106, 110 and 111cm included. And then we caught a lot of pike between 80 and 100cm. Nice average size though. I also fished a small white zonker fly for perch and caught some more perch as well. Beautiful fish. Not as big as pike are, but to most fly fisherman perch is very welcome as well. Of course I also was teaching how to tie flies and finally how to get them to the fish. Pike mostly aren't in a proper feeding mood before 10 am here (at this time of year). So there is always time for a casting lesson in the morning.

Teaching all day long 7 days a week can be pretty tough. Well, it mostly is. But it really is worth it. Am having a hell of a time. For me there is nothing better than sharing my passion for fly fishing!

2 am: Definetly time for a nap now. ;)

Great FISHING week to all of you!


p.s.: Still not a single student without having caught fish!

p.p.s.: You are right Paul, I love to catch a shit load of fish. Not as much as I love to catch a HUGE fish, but in the end I always love both. :)

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