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Ronan's report

Tuesday 18 November, 2014

I like guns. I like the challenge of hitting a target, I like knowing I could hunt for food if I needed.

I don't feel the need to protect myself with a firearm anywhere that I fish.

I'm sure this topic has come up on Sexyloops before, but it has recently come up on an American blog, Gink and Gasoline. I know there are many people who feel more comfortable having a firearm in case they encounter some form of dangerous wildlife, but gods forgive that I ever have to fish in a place where I need to carry a concealed (or not) side arm.

I have been in places where I would have loved a gun, but the act of having a gun in many of the places would have made me a target without having a full unit with me also carrying weapons. Like having a gun to protect yourself in a crowded African city market or in a sketchy Mexican neighbourhood. I think often not having the confidence that you can take a situation front on with full force will "motivate" you to find a subtle, softer approach. Like paying more attention to your surroundings and being situationally aware. The same applies to the river.

When it comes to wildlife... real experts and reports (real statistics) show that bearspray is more effective and those armed with bearspray have come out of bear encounters better than those with firearms. Yes, if I was on an Alaskan delta with a bunch of curious grizzlies, I would want a firearm as a backup. When on the tundra with polar bears, maybe you want a high powered rifle, although I worked on the tundra for 2 seasons where there were bears without a firearm. And a gun to protect from cougars?!? They would attack from cover and you would be fighting them off, not firing rounds to scare them or hit them as they run towards you. I just don't see a real justification for carrying a side arm for most of the fly-fishing in North America.

Yet, when in the USA, it seems like at least half of the anglers are carrying a concealed handgun to protect themselves from animals, hillbillies, hobos, and crackheads.

How many of you Sexyloopers carry a gun for protection while fishing?

Searching for the key to the gun safe,

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