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Ronan's report

Tuesday 27 January, 2015

There has been a topic on the board about proper fish release and handling. It is an important topic! An angler often encounters it for the first time when they deep hook a fish or overplay it and it struggles upon release.

Sometimes that fish doesn't make it. Sometimes it does.

How to handle a fish is something that has to be taught to us. Some learn it from parents, some from friends that take them fishing. Some learn it in school, while others fumble through it making a few mistakes along the way. Others copy it from media.

What can be done when internet experts share and flaunt harmful handling techniques and questionable ethics? I recently watched an angler get blasted on facebook for fishing brown trout off redds at night and holding them till daylight to get pictures. That is an extreme example, but what about that person that takes pictures of fish on rocks? Or holding them by gills? Or fishing for them during their spawning time?

Attacking somebody for their actions when they may not know any different is a sure way to gain their scorn and set them in their way. If their actions are legal, what approach is required to help them take more ethical actions? And who decides what is ethical?

How do you teach without being preachy?

Love your fish!

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