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Ronan's report

Tuesday 30 September, 2014

Wanderlust isn't a great thing when you have commitments... like writing a weekly frontpage on the best website in the world. But, wanderlust is a brilliant thing when it motivates you to leave your comfort and travel a road unknown. In mid-September, my wife and I loaded the truck and just drove with wild trout, wilderness, and the sound of nothing in mind.

Our first idea was to explore the high plains in search of the last remnant populations of Arctic Grayling in the US. The first day was nice, narrow paved roads, scenic views, and great weather. The river turned up plenty of mountain whitefish, a should be respected, native fish of western North America. (I've noticed that that Montana dick Greg Thomas took down his blog page where I chastised him for mishandling fish... It's too bad 'cause the comments were really a great show of douche-baggery.)

Anyway, I was happy to catch a good number of whitefish as the sunset, but maybe the roads needed to be less paved or travelled to find Arctic grayling. The fish would have to wait until after an exploration of a well preserved ghost town. The creek around the town had rising trout and a history of mass destruction from gold dredging - it was a nice reminder that even the most abused streams could recover.

Next week the tale of the roads will continue and it gets a little rougher.

From home again,

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