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Ronan's report

Tuesday 28 October, 2014

It's not very often that you can target fish like lake trout on the fly. There are a few places such as Yellowstone Lake and some of the lakes in the Tetons where you can go and cast to shallow cruising lakers during the fall and spring when the lake temperatures mix.

There is a rumour that somebody recently caught a 50+ pound lake trout in an Alberta lake - on a fly rod! That would be something to see!

Without knowing about the rumour, I had taken a trip to a little lake in hopes that the lakers might be chasing rainbow trout fry in the shallows. It was a spur of the moment short time trip, but a nice way to spend an afternoon.

With winds gusting over 60km/h, I didn't have high expectations for the outing. The very first cast was a feeble flop that ended with a tangle of line only 20 feet into the lake. 20 feet was enough! As I was pulling in slack and lifting the fly a large grey trout came out of the deep, following the fly right to my feet. I might have squealed like a little girl, but I was excited. Over the next hour I had a number of exciting follows, a couple of good hits, and a solid hook up and lost fly. No trout to hand, but a great day out.

For next time... what do I do to get them to strike? I certainly need bigger flies, but how do you induce the strike of a large trout at your feet?

If they are still in the shallows over the next week... well I will catch one!

Tying bigger flies,

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