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Ronan's report

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The first time I was on the river Sidorovka in 2009. Talking to my friends later on that trip, I admitted that I am ready to go back even without a fishing rod so I really liked it. After that I visited the river a couple of times as in fishing company and in the company of friends, with whom more time we spent in exploring the river views and its surroundings. In fishing terms, the river is very interesting: the set of the magnificent pools, the river is small, but as if in miniature presents almost everything that you can meet during the salmon fishing. Stones of any size, complex inflows and outflows, canals, depths. There are some actually huge fish in the river and this fact adds intrigue.

This time Sidorovka we were greeted us warmly)). Too warmly. The next day upon arrival for the first time I left the camp wearing not the waders but light tropical trousers. The water was warm and the best idea was to try bombers and surf flies.

I managed to hook and immediately lost a silver salmon during first half hour. Soon after that we decided to refuse from fishing and we had a good time using another sporting activity (including swimming in the Barents Sea, water temperature less than 6°C).

So as the weather was changing I was trying to involve my non fishing friends in salmon fishing. It wasn’t too easy, salmon was pretty passive. Nevertheless we had some good moments. Everyone had takes and one salmon was landed. May be it sounds not impressive but I was dealing with 4 people who for the first time picked up fly rod and we didn’t spend much time for fishing. Sidorovka is not a big river so it wasn’t an easy task even to find a right place to every one of them. There were six of us at the camp as clients. Igor, an experienced fly fisherman, was fishing mostly in a company with camp manager and was more successful.

On the 4-th day finally I got some own time on the river)). I was happy as a child savors the long-awaited toy. First salmon (11lb hen) I hooked on a surf fly after four false attacks. Second salmon couldn’t refuse from weighted leech fly. I was pretty satisfied with the results and by the evening was ready to hear the final decision from Sportfish Company. While we had another great dinner camp manger received the message that I have to wait for helicopter next morning on the top of the hill)). It hard to describe what I felt that moment. I had to melt with friends but I got an opportunity to participate in a stunning event (World Championship).

And it seems I need one more FP to finish my august story))

P.S. Lena, the girl with a salmon on the photo hooked this fish when I was waiting helicopter. She chose the place, the fly and landed the fish by herself! It was her first fish on a fly! Congratulations!

Cheers, Anvar.

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