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Ronan's report

Thursday September 25th, 2014

It had to happen of course, there's only so much training - casting, sports - or work for that matter, that a man can do before he goes mental. When a few of the lads were over the previous weekend - Scotty and Alex - I took them over to the only fishery that wasn't flooded in the whole of Croatia/Hungary - a couple of canals containing trout...

It's taken a while but I'm finally catching these fish. At first I thought they were impossible. There is no cover to hide, the water is swift and they feed on the bottom, and they've always seemed to require a induced take - so yes it's just been very hard.

However with only five days left in the season I'm starting to catch them and of course as soon as fish stop being impossible they start to become "nailable" (not a Scrabble word - only a Sexyloops one). You absolutely need sunshine because you need to see the fish. If you spook them, you sit down and smoke a pipe - because they come back - usually. But my main problem has been lack of depth. I was sure I was running the bottom and then finally I hooked a decent fish a couple of days ago, and was surprised by how far he lifted through the water to take the fly!

So I've found some larger shots (I much prefer one shot as opposed to multiple - although I was using two) - one seems to tangle less - and it's starting to work. Thank goodness!!!!

I came back to Hungary last night, have done a clothes washing and I'm picking up my kayak. It's back to Croatia again now! It's nice to be sleeping in the car again :-)) Catch you later!!!

Cheers, Paul

PS Swapping with Ti for next week's Monday Slot!

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