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Pere Marquette, Michigan


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Ronan's report

Thursday 24th July, 2014

The month of Ramadan is progressing well. I have been fasting for almost twenty days now, another ten days to go (This was last week's page which didn't go live ~ Paul). For obvious reasons I don't go fishing during the fasting month. Well, I used to go out fishing when I was a lot younger then. But when one gets past fifty the body becomes iffy, so I stay home for a month.

This year has been the start of eventful journeys for some of us here in Kuala Lumpur. There has been a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina for trout recently. Another group plans a week in the Seychelles. The others have all sorts of excursions from now to the end of the year before the monsoon starts. I have my sailfish in October and maybe a trip to Thailand in December. But there's a place I dream to go fly fishing, sooner rather than later - Michigan.

Why Michigan? First, you see, I have a daughter Elissa Alanna studying at Michigan University and she's been egging me to go there. The reason, I told her about AuSable . I told her about Pere Marquette. Second, I have known Michigan since the 80s due to a video made by Outdoor World featuring Lefty Kreh fishing in Pere Marquette River. The scenes of the river in the videos somehow etched indelibly in my mind ever since. When my daughter was accepted at Michigan University a three years back I said to myself, finally there's a reason to go to Michigan and fish Pere Marquette. Three years on, I have not made any attempt to go there yet. Perhaps I should soon, since she is still there.

The trouble is I am keener on saltwater fly fishing these days more than trout and salmon. Although I started fly fishing with trout years ago it does not appeal to me anymore. It is not sexy anymore. Trout is like a sissy fish, yuck!

Still, I would love fish Pere Marquette.

Lovely Jubbly,
Irhamy the Guv'nor, Kuala Lumpur

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