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Ronan's report

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

I haven't been able to keep up with the current distance discussion, I've been forced into carpentry duty, not my favorite thing. But, it's been howlin' windy here in the Madison Valley so fishing is out even though it's been warm. Well, warm for here 30s-40s, but with 20-40 mph breeze, wind chills around 0F.

I think the term "stopless" has caused a lot of unnecessary confusion. When we talk about casting in the real world, with real casters, not the top 1%, we talk about stopping the rod. We accelerate, then decelerate, or stop, the rod.

Now this new casting style emerges, one where we don't decelerate/stop, the rod. But of course we do. I understand what is meant, but do think the name has caused a lot of confusion as anyone can see that the rod accelerates, then decelerates, dramatically.

And, for the record, even in "stop" casts, very few casters actually stop the rod completely. Having studied thousands of casts I know for a fact that in over 99% of casts the rod continues to rotate in the direction of the cast after loop formation, from 10-60 degrees/sec. So in reality, almost all casts are technically "stopless", which doesn't further the cause of explaining what "stopless" is.

"Stopless" implies a major variation from other styles of distance casting. But it is really just a minor variation to the rest of the casting world......


P.S. I had intended to include a clever POD of a stoplight showing red. But the nearest stoplight is 100 km from here! That and my ISP has "improved" my service so I can no longer send photos as attachments from here. Have to resolve that, sorry no photo this week.

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