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Ronan's report

Sunday 19th October, 2014

According to the forecast for the next week, we'll have cold weather, so, the comfortable time for fishing is over.

The past weeks were pretty interesting. We had a lot of dry fly fishing for grayling. And as always in autumn time in most cases it was not easy to find the proper fly. Sometimes just to present a pretty good imitation wasn't enough. As always it is better to tie new and better flies every day but for few years it doesn't work for me. It so happened that I communicate with many flytiers and my boxes are full of flies and that is not very stimulating for tying new ones. It sounds good I know, but the problem is that the selection of flies is far from ideal. Apparently I'm too greedy to share the flies with somebody else and the situation when my boxes are full by I don't have a proper fly constantly pursues me. On the other hand in a difficult situation it is sometimes possible to find a non-standard solution.

One weekend we were fishing Yurusan river. First day there was no problem to choose the proper fly: about every good looking fly did the job. Next day for more than couple hours I was trying to hook at least one among dozen which rose near me without any success.

One of the flies was completely inappropriate in type and size, but for some reason the graylings were interested in it. The body of the fly was from claret dabbing and I assumed that it was colour played an important role. The next fly I chose was emerger with claret on every cast :-)

Cheers, Anvar.

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