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Ronan's report

Sunday 27th July, 2014

Three weeks have passed since my last FP. Not to say that many events have passed since that time. The population of grayling, it seemed, was under threat in some rivers after several droughty years. But this year there were more than enough snow and water, summer is pretty cool, and as a consequence I hear enough good reports from different rivers: there are a lot of graylings although the average size is not impressive.

I had a trip to interesting places of Bashkortostan in the company of my old friends. We managed to visit as places we were before such as the Kapova Cave (one of the three caves in Europe where were found drawings of the ancient man dated 10-15 thousand years BC ), the National Park Shulgan-Tash, where still existing collecting honey of wild bees and to see new areas: mountains and rivers of the southern Urals. For a couple of days we stayed in the valley of the Sakmara river, in a beautiful gorge. Fishing there was even, I would say, too much productive: it seems that in some places there were much more graylings in river than water)).

Interesting events occur in the city. The river passing through the city with the million population always occupied by the lot of local fishermen and to catch a decent fish is very difficult. My friend probably found a key for catching large Chub: constantly experimenting with flies he began to tie extremely large imitations of wasp on hooks 1/0 - 3/0 (gold preferred) and regularly he is pretty successful with them when presenting them under surface (photo).

These days I am trying to resolve a nearly impossible task: I have a helicopter tour on Kola Peninsula which ends on August 14, and on the same day starts the World Flycasting Championship where I was planning to participate. Until recently, I believed that I could get there from Murmansk by car at least for 12 hours. Because of a bug search engines and my carelessness I estimated the distance from Murmansk to Fagernes as 700 km. However, when I started planning the trip more carefully (it happened only yesterday!) I discovered that the distance is approximately 2000 km, which makes it impossible to hit it to the event on time. Moreover Plan B doesn't work too because it is impossible to get to Fagernes even by the plane.

So next week I have to make difficult decisions. It's not easy, but, on the other hand, the time of difficult decisions is not a worst part of our life))

Cheers, Anvar.

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