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Ronan's report

Saturday October 18th, 2014

I sometimes get attached to things, not everything, and anything, but some things. It's always something with a special story to it.

I have a few bits and pieces in my fly fishing arsenal I feel that way about. First thing that springs to mind is the Ross reel in the PoD. Another thing is my Thomas and Thomas 904-4, which, when it was made and when I got, was the most fantastic 9' 4-wt rod ever made (at least if you ask me). It has wonderful line control, a nice deep action, loads of power and is very versatile in that I use(d) it for everything from tiny dries to size 4 weighted Wooly Buggers on a type VI sinking shooting head.

I still use it, it's always in the car when I go out on a (rare) trip for trout, but now, I prefer my Hot Torpedo, which is an even more awesome rod, but thankfully with other characteristics so I have to keep the old T&T. That rod is the oldest in my collection and one I'll probably never sell - I've grown too fond of it. Even if it has a slight crack in one of the ferrules, I'll keep fishing it now and then, and if it dies under the weight of a mighty trout, then that'll be a fitting end.

There are other bits and pieces of course - some of which are gadgets really, but very nice gadgets. For instance, I'm quite fond of my Abel plier/folding knife combo. I haven't yet mustered the need for a 60 pound Abel line cutter (or a 30 pound Simms-one for that matter), but maybe some day I will.

I rarely act on impulse - more on, how to put it, carefully deliberated impulse. The Abel pliers/knife combo for instance. I'd seen one in the US many years ago, and after that always thought it was an awesome combo of two really high quality products. And then one day in Sweden, in Mörrum 5 or 6 years ago, there it was in the counter in Fisheshopen (local tackle dealer), and I bought it. Maybe 8 years after seeing it for the first time. That's deliberated impulse shopping :-).

But most of the things I grow really fond of have a story, came as a gift, remind me of someone, remind me of a special occasion, a great fish, a crazy situation... Nothing ever gets retired on a shelf, I always use my gear, even the gear I'm most fond of!

I think most people feel that way.

Have a great weekend!

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