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Ronan's report

Saturday September 20th, 2014

I used to do a lot of fly swapping - not many of the big fly swaps lately, but just swapping a few flies with friends and strangers along the rivers and on the coast. If someone has a fly you like, simply offer him a swap - very few will ever say no.

It's a great way of getting hold of local killers, new inspiration, remembering a pattern - even a situation or a person. It's something you'll often read about, especially in older books. The internet has made inspiration and the sharing of ideas so much easier and faster, and I welcome that. I love looking for flies, watching fly tying videos online and reading about materials and patterns.

At the German Fly Festival, I had the pleasure of meeting Holger Lachmann again, and we had a chat about his fish imitations. He kindly offered to tie a few up for me, and after a while, I took him up on that offer. Because they are great looking flies, because I'd like to fish them and, not least, because it would give a chance to reciprocate by sending back some flies of my own.

The big fly swaps are great fun, and you receive a ton of flies, some of which you'd never see online, but it also takes a lot of time tying up say 40 of the same pattern. Smaller, one-on-one swaps, planned or spontaneous, are easily managed and keeps the tradition going.

Have a great weekend!

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