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Ronan's report

Saturday July 12th, 2014

Factory made loops on flylines have become a standard. Most brands make them on most of their lines, and personally, I welcome them. I like loops and I think the factory made loops are very, very well made now. To begin with, they were quite clumsy, but now they're strong, small and delicate.

I like them for a number of reasons. When trout fishing, I often change leader when/if I switch from dry fly to heavy nymphing. My nymphing leaders are nothing but a long length og thin, level mono to let the fly sink as fast as possible. Dry fly leaders are of course more complex than that. Often, I'll also switch leaders if I decide to drop a large Wooly Bugger into a pocket. And loops on my flylines let me change leader fast and easily - and with cutting a lit bit off my flyline every time.

If I get a huge tangle in my leader (yes, it does happen :-), I'll also just switch to a new leader in seconds rather than fiddle around untangling the mess - especially at night!

But I also have lines without loops, and lines that'll never have a loop. I have a few lines for dry fly, where I tie the leader on with a needle knot for really delicate presentations. Not that the presentation itself is noticeably better, but with a needle knot, the line clearly lifts off the water with less spray.

So why aren't there loops on the Sexyloops Thunderbolt lines?. Well, because Paul doesn't like them - the loops, that is :-). But fear not - loops are easy to make. I made a description a long time ago with some nice graphics by Carl Hutchinson here. This loops takes about 5 minutes to make and an hour for the glue to cure and it's low profile and very strong (I've yet to have one come undone).

You can also use the shrink tube/heat gun method, which is also nice, and with a little practice, produces loops just as nice as the factory made ones.

And of course, you can tie a loops using a length of mono and a nail knot around the doubled back flyline, as Tiana did in Ray's Pod here. This loop is also very strong, easy to make and of course, the method to use if you need to make a loops in the field.

So if you want loops on your flylines, it's easy to make them yourself using either of these methods.

Have a great weekend!


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